Compost 911-You don’t need to buy worms for your outdoor compost bin

The number one chunk of misinformation out there which needs to be shot down in flames is that you need to purchase worms for an outdoor compost bin. Worms are for indoor vermicomposting bins that are designed to process kitchen scraps. Indoor vermicomposting bins will turn out great fertilizer for house plants or limited outdoor areas that need a boost. They work great in small homes/apartments/dorm rooms or as a supplement to outdoor composting.

An outdoor compost pile in direct contact with the soil will attract all the necessary worms, insects, arachnids, and microbes. Nature will also do this at exactly the right time in the lifecycle of the compost pile without any help from you (other than turning the pile and an occasional wetting down). Artificially adding worms to an outdoor pile will result in dead worms. Let nature do its thing and don’t try to over control the process.

You can also skip wasting money on “compost starters”, “compost activators”, and other chemical nonsense. Adding chemicals to compost defeats the purpose of creating compost as a natural fertilizer. Contact with the soil provides everything necessary to your pile courtesy of mother nature. Everything else is a waste of time and money.

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