Save that apple core for the compost, it could save a life!

Compost MYTH: It is alright to toss an apple core out the window. It will break down and help the environment right?

Compost Answer: It would be much better to save the apple core or other biodegradable waste for your indoor vermicomposting bin or your outdoor compost pile. Besides setting a really bad example by littering, consider the following.

We visited the Carolina Raptor Center here in Charlotte this weekend. One of the things the education volunteers stressed is that throwing food out along the roadside attracts rodents (not good) and the rodents attract predatory birds. An unbelievable sixty percent of injured birds brought in for care are from car strikes. The only reason a bird would be flying near cars is rodents along the shoulder of the road. The rodents are attracted to trash thrown out of your car.

So save that apple core for your compost bin and save a life.

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