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Lovely to see you today, do you have all your safety equipment? Good, let’s head into the construction zone. Please keep your fingers inside the magic bus.

These are recommendations that I have not had time to write a complete post about, and/or things that friends like, but I have not had a chance to try myself, and/or things that I like that I have not used enough to recommend without reservation. Here we go!


New! Graduated Shot Glass. Okay kids, this is Wizard of Oz time. I am pulling the curtain way back. Way. Back. Seriously. So buckle up Buttercup.

My entire reputation as a mixologist is based on this little gem right here. Wait what? Yes. Okay, maybe not entirely, but when I come up with an new amazingly delicious killer cocktail. This is the secret to being able to reproduce it over and over. Exact measurements in oz and ml. Enough said.

It is a set of two. Keep the other in reserve or give it as a gift. Win, Win!



New! Knife sharpener for the perfect edge every time. I sharpened every knife in my parents kitchen with this beauty in just over 30 minutes. That would be a rate of one knife a minute once I got rolling. Perfect edge every time. You can literally feel the change in the blade (lack of drag, no spots where it catches) once the knife is sharp all the way down the cutting edge. Yep, even the tip.

Triangular Sun Shade for your boat, RV, or backyard. We have it made in the shade! Get one and get outdoors again. Lots of colour options. I currently have the dark green. Just select the size and colour you want.

Rectangular Sun Shade, because it is cool to be not-square. I currently have the dark green. Just select the size and colour you want.


Here at the BE proving grounds we like things that resist our attempts to test them to destruction like this lovely stainless steel lime squeezer. We destroyed three lime squeezers in less that 12 months till we found this little beauty. It has juiced several metric buttloads (a technical term) of limes since 2010.



Flat rescue in your pocket with a CO2 Bike Pump/Patch kit. One of the smartest ideas to hit the biking world in years. I have had this kit for nearly a decade. Get one, get out there again,  and enjoy your ride worry free.

I hate scented crap. But an unscented odor remover that actually does what it is supposed to rather than just covering it up? Bring it on!

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Ice Options for your Boat, RV, Off Grid Palace, or Tiny Home.

Q: How do you have ice on the boat, I thought you lived like a savage? A: I like to think of it as glamping. In between fending off pirates and drowning in the pluff mud* we have to maintain a certain level of civilized decorum. Tyler Durden** says that soap is the yardstick of…

Giblet Gravy Our Way

Cook gizzard, heart and neck with ghee in a skillet till brown*. Add in chicken stock (and maybe a little reduced vermouth) and cook for 30 minutes or until at least half the stock is gone. Reserve stock and chop the browned organs and meat from the neck fine. Make a roux with flour and drippings…

How Not to Behave in a National Park

I am sure that by now that you have seen the video. If not, take a minute to watch it. 60 seconds are more than enough, but feel free to watch it all. I hope you are appalled by the behavior of the human. The elk is just an elk who has been badly treated…

May 1st. May Day. Beltane.

May 1st. May Day. Beltane. Not much celebrated in the western world after the mid 20th century because Soviet Russia aka USSR used it for military parades. Remember those photographs of missiles and tanks rumbling down Main Street Moscow? That was the May Day Parade. The Novelist and Poet Margaret Atwood used it as a…

Change Your Backyard, Change the World

A real life example. An entire community in England has rallied around this simple idea and changed their world. Take a moment and watch this.

The Real Margarita- we suffer so you don’t have to™

The Real Thing 2 parts reposado tequila 1 part cointreau 1/2  part fresh squeezed lime juice stir gently, add ice “Skinny” Margarita 2 parts reposada tequila 1 part cointreau 1/2 part fresh squeezed lime juice stir gently,  add ice add sparkling water till volume is doubled Notes: Fresh lime juice is key. Get a good…

The Best Burger You Have Ever Tasted

Best Burger 1 pound ground 85% grass fed beef 1 pound ground organic pork 1-2 Tablespoons Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce 1-2 Tablespoons Lea & Perrins Thick Worcestershire Sauce Grill Mates Montreal Steak Seasoning (we use the lower salt version) or  Savory Spice Shop Hudson Bay Beef Spice Grill Mates Fiery 5 Pepper Seasoning or Savory…

Hot Bourbon Coffee, Our Traditional Holiday Drink

This post is part of an ongoing series on Mixology in the green household. Just click on Mixology for more in the series.   Smooth and Sensuous, what could be better together than Bourbon and Coffee? Bourbon and Coffee, with Whipping Cream is better of course! Here follows the super sekret recipe. It show you…


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