E-delivery can save the world and protect you from identity theft.

That is right, I said protect you from identity theft. Increase your safety. Do you think having paper documents mailed to you increases your security from information theft? Do you refuse to conduct financial transactions electronically because the internet isn’t safe? How sad for you. You are taking tremendous unnecessary risks every day because you have been misinformed.

Thanks to news media sensationalism one of the best ways to protect the planet is ignored, even feared. Don’t let the shallow pandering of an industry desperate for advertising dollars stop you from taking a ridiculously easy step to save the planet.

Receive all possible documents online rather than through the increasingly slow, incompetent, and expensive postal system. A quick check of the FTC website will reveal multiple cautions about theft of physical documents through the postal system, but only one warning about phishing. None about hacking of individual email addresses or secure online interactions. The vast majority of identity theft happens the old fashioned way, by rooting through your mail, either before or after you receive it.

Request to be removed from mailing lists. By the time you recycle junk mail, the virgin forests are already clear cut. Stopping the 41 pounds of junk mail you receive each year will add months back to your life. A good list of the basics can be found here. Some great statistics here. Your information is being traded as a commodity to anyone willing to pay for it. Put a stop to it now. Legitimate business do not sell your information to other businesses.

Don’t let your Luddite friends or news media outlets desperate to sell advertising time convince you otherwise. The internet is safer than the postal system. If it can be done online, do it online. Paper checks, physical Statements, and snail mail bills are for cottonheaded ninnymuggins.

Don’t Be a Dope. Just say No (to snailmail). OK, I realize I am preaching to the choir here. But the postal system is for Luddites. Why would you want to receive anything slower, at greater cost, and with less security? Go online and be free, safe, fast, and environmentally friendly. The planet is depending on you.

The goal of our society should be to put the mechanisms for junk mail and spam out of business. The only things that needs to be shipped are actual physical objects, not information. Does anyone with an actual life read junk mail and spam anyhow?

Why are you still reading this? Get started now! The environment is depending on you.

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