I want my Gulf of Mexico back.

Since our short to middle term plan involves living on a sailboat in the Gulf of Mexico current events have real meaning to us.

While the video is certainly funny we are talking about the ecological death of an entire ocean. The Gulf of Mexico is an irreplaceable ecosystem the loss of which cannot be measured monetarily. This is an ecosystem we (the human species) might not be able to live without. Plankton are one of the most important sources of oxygen on the planet. Killing a measurable percentage of the plankton worldwide might be considered a bad move for our survival in the very near term.

The best scientific models suggest that very soon now the oil will circumnavigate Florida in something called the loop current. The oil will join the Gulf Stream affecting the entire east coast of the US and Canada and shipping British petroleum back to Great Britain.

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Backyard Ecosystem began as an expression of my determination to make a difference in our own backyard. Literally and metaphorically making a difference at the micro level of my yard and to operate at macro level of treating the entire planet as something I am an integral part of and whose destiny is shaped everyday by what I do in my corner of the world.

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