Nature Photography in Rocky Mountain National Park

Our recent day trip to Rocky Mountain National Park was one of our best ever for wildlife photography and viewing. We publish photographs of the natural world on this blog not only to share the incredible beauty of nature with you, but to remind you of exactly why we are so obsessed with saving the world.

Stellar’s Jay who posed endlessly at Many Peaks Curve.

Mossy rocks near Many Peaks Curve.

Bull Elk

My cousin, Meghan, and I. She visited us from Atlanta, Georgia.

Peaks near Bear Lake with the weather moving in providing dramatic lighting. I never get tired of looking at the Rockies covered in snow.

Two views of Glacier Gorge. The peak on the left is Half Mountain, the Peak on the right Thatchtop. This is a corner of the park we had never been to before. We can’t believe what we were missing.

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