Saving the world should be easy

This is an idea that is long overdue. The key to recycling anything on a massive scale is to make it easy. Landfiling should be hard. Recycling should be easy.

In a large office there should be a recycling bin at every office or cube. You should have to walk to a central area to reach a trash can. Make it easier to do the right thing than it is to landfill. Don’t let a whining minority hold you back.

Here in Denver we have a purple bin for recycling that the city picks up every other week and a black bin for trash that is picked up ever week. Reverse the pick up and only pick up trash every other week and recycling rates would soar because it would be easier to recycle than to landfill.

It is easy to save the world, but it becomes even easier if you make it harder to not save the world.

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