The Real Margarita- we suffer so you don’t have to™

The Real Thing

2 parts reposado tequila
1 part cointreau
1/2  part fresh squeezed lime juice
stir gently, add ice

“Skinny” Margarita

2 parts reposada tequila
1 part cointreau
1/2 part fresh squeezed lime juice
stir gently,  add ice
add sparkling water till volume is doubled


Fresh lime juice is key. Get a good lime squeezer. We have destroyed many (we suffer so you don’t have to™). The Norpro Stainless Steel Lime Press  is the best so far. We will keep you posted but this one may be indestructible. Update: Still going strong! If you are going to use crap from a bottle you will get what you deserve, a crappy margarita. Don’t even think about it. Update: If the flavor balance doesn’t seem correct try adjusting the lime juice by a very tiny amount. Be careful, a little can have a big impact. Don’t mess with the tequila and cointreau proportions.

Mid range tequila has been declining in quality. You may need to pay a little more than you did a few years back to get a decent tequila. This means moving into the premium category. Just pay a little extra, you cheap bastard. It will make a real difference in the final product.

Reposada means rested. It is a moderately aged tequila and perfect for adding real character to your margarita. We recommend the following:  Gran Centenario Reposado,  Herradura Reposado, and for something a little different Gran Centenario  Rosangel Reposado. The Rosangel is infused with hibiscus during maturation. The hibiscus gives your margarita a smokey and slightly floral flavor.

Use actual ice cubes. You are making an adult beverage here, not a slushy for children. Blenders are for sissies.

Triple Sec is an acceptable substitute for Cointreau. None of the other orange liqueurs on the market are acceptable. (We suffer so you don’t have to™).

The skinny version is lighter but contains the exact same amount of alcohol. Don’t let it fool you. Give your keys to someone who isn’t drinking.

My dad likes to say “Tequila makes your clothes fall off”.  You have been warned.

What do you do when you make a margarita?



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