Hot Bourbon Coffee, Our Traditional Holiday Drink

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Smooth and Sensuous, what could be better together than Bourbon and Coffee?

Bourbon and Coffee, with Whipping Cream is better of course!

Here follows the super sekret recipe. It show you exactly what we are going to do with that tasty combo when the cold months roll around in our neck of the woods.


Directions for two servings:

Heat the glass or mug with hot water.

Add the vanilla syrup to the heavy whipping cream. Update: Vanilla simple syrup recipe coming soon!

Whip the heavy whipping cream by hand or in a blender till it is solid, but not frothy.

Empty the hot water from the preheated glass or mug.

Pour in the hot coffee gently. Use 1 cup piping hot coffee, we use cold brew coffee heated in the microwave until steaming but not boiling. The better the coffee, the better the finished product. Don’t skimp.

Stir in raw sugar. Use 2-3 teaspoons. Don’t use crappy chemical shit storms like stevia or agave nectar. Local Honey is the only acceptable option. Did I mention I am a beekeeper too?

Gently add 2 oz Bourbon. Use 3 oz if the relatives are really getting on your nerves.*

We recommend Booker’s, the higher proof helps the flavor punch through. Even if you use a lower proof bourbon, go all out on the quality of the Bourbon, it makes a huge difference in the final product.

Update: After over 8 years rigorously taste testing this recipe, Booker’s Bourbon is still our top choice. We also like Blanton’s, Knob Creek, Prichard’s Double Barreled, Bulleit, and Larceny. Remember our Motto is We suffer so you don’t have to!™

Add the whipped cream. I like to stir in about two thirds and let the other third rest on the top.

Optional: Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint if you grow some basic herbs on a windowsill in the winter. You should do that for all kinds of reasons, see our post on Winter Gardening Indoors for more ideas.

*You can muddle 2 large leaves into the drink right after adding the bourbon and before adding the whipped cream. This is not part of the original recipe, but you should try it at least once.

My Dad claims that my Bourbon Coffee is the perfect food because it contains all four major food groups: Fat, Sugar, Alcohol, and Caffeine.

This recipe makes enough for two if you share well, and enough for one if you don’t. Play nice and share it with someone you love.


Happy Holidays from Kevin and Natalie.



1 cup Coffee
2-3 oz Bourbon
1/3 cup organic Heavy Whipping Cream
3 teaspoons Raw Sugar
3 teaspoons Vanilla Simple Syrup

Optional: 1 sprig of Fresh Mint


Measuring Cups and Spoons
Blender or Whisk and Bowl
Heavy Glass or Large Mug



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