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The easiest thing you can do to save the World

As part of the master composter program through Denver Urban Gardens we were required to take a tour of a landfill near Denver. This experience should be mandatory for school children nationwide. The worst thing about the trip was not the stench, the seagulls, the sheer size of the endless wasteland, or the continuous stream…

International Day of Climate Action

Bees in Action to save the world (click to enlarge) It’s only a model, shhh! (click to enlarge) Our honeybees would like to remind you that today is the International Day of Climate Action and that we must work to pressure our leaders to agree to reduce carbon emissions to a fair and sustainable level of…


Backyard Ecosystem began as an expression of my determination to make a difference in our own backyard. Literally and metaphorically making a difference at the micro level of my yard and to operate at macro level of treating the entire planet as something I am an integral part of and whose destiny is shaped everyday by what I do in my corner of the world.

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