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Kombucha, the new Moonshine?

Kombucha with active ingredients may be an endangered species in grocery stores due to the active fermentation and slight alcohol content. Home grown kombucha is more popular than ever. If you are not familiar with Kombucha and the continuous brew process read these posts first. When setting up a continuous brew many people are concerned…

Adventures in Kombucha making

The first hurdle was finding a brewing container. After much research, we decided to use the continuous brew method. Continuous brew results in a more consistent flavor and contains more of the complex compounds such as B-vitamins, antioxidants, and glucaric acids to which many health benefits are attributed. For continuous brew you need a moderate…

Kombucha: The golden elixir

I remember it like it was yesterday. One Saturday afternoon we were sitting in the cafe at our local Whole Foods market, preparing to dig into our lunch purchases. We had each grabbed a different flavor of GT Dave’s Kombucha, mine was the Multi-Green and Kevin’s was the Cosmic Cranberry. Our journey was about to…


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