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Cast Iron, the Trendy New Nonstick

I have a confession to make. I have five cast iron skillets in my kitchen. At least one of them belonged to my grandmother, and one or two more to my mother. I use at least one of them almost every time I cook. I cook a lot. I cook a broad spectrum of dishes…

Fruit flies got you down? Compost 911

The Problem: Fruit flies in your vermicompost bin or in your pre-composting container. The solution for both of these problems is super simple. If you are finding fruit flies in your worm bin simply stop feeding. Cover the exposed surface of the bin with coffee grounds. Then add a layer of fresh bedding. The easiest…

From Here to Eternity, and Beyond: The Garage Sale

Just in case you didn’t know, we have recently made some huge changes. In the planning since the beginning of this year, we decided to relocate to a warmer climate. The cold weather in Denver last year was just too much for me and Kevin, being from the south, was also ready to move on….


Backyard Ecosystem began as an expression of my determination to make a difference in our own backyard. Literally and metaphorically making a difference at the micro level of my yard and to operate at macro level of treating the entire planet as something I am an integral part of and whose destiny is shaped everyday by what I do in my corner of the world.

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