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Urban bees eat better than their country cousins

This is a great article from the BBC on the better diet that bees in urban and suburban beehives have access to. It talks about research into my long held suspicion that bees, like humans, love the variety that urban life has to offer.

Honeybee Swarm Rescue Times Three

This was written the first week of May, when swarms start flying things get crazy. Monday Night… Today Natalie and I rescued two swarms from the fence of my friend Paige here in Denver. I learned about the swarms from a post Paige put up on Facebook with a video of one of the swarms….

Spring Bee Hive Update

Last week I took advantage of our warm weather here in Denver and opened up the hives to take a look at things. Our original hive is in great shape. This hive has a one year old queen I witnessed cutting herself out of her cell last spring after the old queen swarmed. Workers are…

Mite Grooming in one of my hives!

Today, I opened the hives to monitor and document progress on the changeover to natural cell beekeeping and incidentally noticed a bee doing the waggle dance. This is typically done to communicate to the other bees the location of a new source of nectar and pollen. I paid more attention than normal because I was…


Backyard Ecosystem began as an expression of my determination to make a difference in our own backyard. Literally and metaphorically making a difference at the micro level of my yard and to operate at macro level of treating the entire planet as something I am an integral part of and whose destiny is shaped everyday by what I do in my corner of the world.

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