Dreams of Spring

Dreams of Spring

There is something which happens to us mid-January. Almost a form of insanity which creeps into our lives, specifically mine.  The moment the first Seeds of Change catalog comes in the mail. The Winter ritual of perusing seed catalogs and planning of the beds…

You Can Be Open and Giving and Sharing or You Can Be a Complete Tool™ and Hire a Lawyer

I could barely sleep last night because of this. Manifesto alert, proceed at your own risk. Everything we post about here on Backyard Ecosystem. Everything underlying the movement toward greening our cites over the last several decades. The very title of the excellent book written by…

Winter Gardening Indoors

Herbs growing indoors

We love having plants indoors, especially vegetables. They make the indoors a refuge in the darker winter months and whet the appetite for outdoor gardening in the spring. A lot of indoor greenery definitely improve our mood in the bleak, frozen winter. Beyond just…

Buran Pepper

Seeded Buran Pepper

From the Seed Savers Exchange Catalog description: Extremely sweet and productive Polish heirloom. Great flavor! Medium-sized plants grow 18-24″ tall. Fruits are 3-lobed and measure 4″ long by 3″. Fruits are almost equally sweet when either green or red. Just harvested the first Buran…

Pick a Peck of Purple Peppers

Seeded Buran Pepper

These are my favourite pepper right now. The original seeds were from Seeds of Change. I started all the seeds we had because they were several years old. They all came up so I gave several to my Dad when my folks were visiting….