You Can Be Open and Giving and Sharing or You Can Be a Complete Tool™ and Hire a Lawyer

I could barely sleep last night because of this. Manifesto alert, proceed at your own risk.

Everything we post about here on Backyard Ecosystem. Everything underlying the movement toward greening our cites over the last several decades. The very title of the excellent book written by Erik and Kelly over at the blog formerly known as Homegrown Evolution is under attack. The concept of creating a Homestead in the Urban environment is under assault. Send lawyers, guns, and money; the Humanure™ has hit the fan.

Living greener and more minimally in the city is a movement, and a lifestyle choice, which needs nurturing because it is critical to the survival of the human species and to the planet as a whole. The urban landscape is here to stay. We must find ways to introduce nature into it.  We must make the city productive like a garden, dense with organic life, and free of chemicals and contaminates. To do anything else is to risk our cities and our planet becoming desolate in a Mad Max sense, a desert of our own creation.

Part of the beauty of this community has been the focus on selfless acts of sharing, education, giving. Constructive means of bettering the lives of everyone in the community, one tomato, one beehive, one compost pile, one worm bin, one blog post, one book at a time.

This community has been selflessly forging a path to a better future for our cities. A future where cities have breathable air, clean water, fresh produce, and neighbors that are not afraid of one another. A future where Urban citizens actually know the names of those they live and work beside.

This community has been growing and thriving much like an Edible Weed™ which gives and grows and pops up in unexpected places to the delight of those who know its secrets. This community has been working tirelessly to bring about positive change in the most non-threatening way imaginable. Change motivated by green growing things rather than the barrel of the gun.

Our Community, Our Nation, Our Planet, Our very hope for the future is now under attack by the legal equivalent of Round-Up. Ironic that just days after Monsanto gets the green light to threaten the food supply of our nation and planet with biochemical madness in the form of GMO crops, the other tool of evil empires, the lawsuit, rears its ugly head.  Sending an endless wave of cease and desist letters to anyone who dares to share their knowledge or experiences without referencing a particular group claiming to be “the innovators” is an act we expect from corrupt corporate chemical peddlers, not from those who pretend to be part of our community. What is next?  Lawsuits against anyone who considers their little kitchen garden in the backyard or pots on a balcony or rooftop a Homestead?

Excusing your behavior by claiming you haven’t sued anyone yet is like brandishing a weapon (itself a crime) but claiming you haven’t killed anyone yet. Pretending to be a part of our community, then threatening those who use the words Homestead, Homesteading, and Urban in specific combinations destroys any store of good karma you might have accumulated.

Be supportive of Erik and Kelly, best I can tell they are most directly impacted. Be supportive of anyone who wants to change the world through positive means. Let corporations like Facebook and Google know that you will not tolerate them facilitating this kind of abuse. This is an interconnected world and we are all suffering together. These terms and techniques belong to everyone, not just a couple of people who think they can take all the credit.

P.S we are trademarking America the Beautiful ™, Complete Tool™,  and God Save the Queen™ effective immediately, consider yourself warned.

15 Comments on “You Can Be Open and Giving and Sharing or You Can Be a Complete Tool™ and Hire a Lawyer

  1. Great rant Kevin–well said and not mean spirited–but full of truth and meaning

  2. (Edited- posted by someone who clearly did not read our comment guidelines!)

    I am an urban front yard gardener, with no plans, other than to go out front and nurture Heirloom Veggies, and then taste, and then tout the benefits of ‘not getting in the car for it’.

    Heirloom veggies for me, and it is an amazing world of food out there. If I can do it, you can do it too. On your balcony (if you have no sun – then get grow lights). Better yet, get a solar panel to power your grow lights. They have small ones that power traffic signals (Edit …now the small ones can power all the lights in your house. -Kevin in 2019). Solar panels power the Space Station.

    If you have more room, yet still not enough room like me, then grow up. Just get a trellis and place it where there is sun. I have grown non-GMO corn 8 ft high in a 4 ft side yard, as opposed to the F-1 corn I tried, which was pathetic. 3-1/2 ft sickly ears with no taste.

    Grow On folks, The real issue is GMO, (Edit …and Chemicals, and fighting off the Forces of Idiocy. Edited for clarity and to remove any possible reference to #shitbags and #donkeyholes from the post, I don’t want to give them even negative press -Kevin in 2019).

    • Thank you for your kind comment. We always plant heirloom seeds. Botanical Interests is a great family operated seed supplier located near Denver, CO. You can check out our Resources Page for more heirloom seed suppliers as well. We are obviously very concerned about contamination from GMO seeds and the threat to the worldwide food supply that Monsanto represents. For more comments and links concerning GMO you may want to check out our facebook page.

      When people or corporations behave badly it is our obligation to make fun of them, so I will continue to insert ™ at random until it ceases to amuse me and my readers. Because I feel very strongly about removing any possible support from this resource for those who abuse it your comment was lightly edited for clairity and to remove the name of the Offensive Parties(tm).
      And we agree about the ability to garden everywhere. We’ve done it, and we love it. Get a little vermicomposting bin going and you’re halfway to sustainable living in minimal spaces. The little solar panel is a good idea too. Thanks!

    • Hi there Kate! I am glad you found us. Thank you for the kind comment. I just checked your blog and will be spending some more time there shortly.

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  4. Fantastic! Lets keep up our Urban Homesteads !!
    Even in Netherlands we have them!! 🙂

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