Simple and Easy Vermicomposting Part I

Easy vermicomposting

I know you want to start a worm bin and compost much of what you are currently landfilling. Earth Day is coming up and everyone wants to save the planet, so why haven’t you done it already?

The barriers to getting started come down to four things:

  1. Time: Taking less than thirty minutes in the safety of your own living room. You could do this while watching whatever program you have on TV right now. You will not miss a second of Dancing with the Stars. Really. No, no really.
  2. Urbanite: I don’t have a drill, special skills, yada yada yada… I am a (New Yorker, San Franciscan, fill in the blank). I’m afraid! I don’t think my maintenance man will assemble it for me!
  3. Space: I have no room for a bin. I don’t have a backyard, porch, balcony, or garage.  Sorry to burst this bubble, but a vermicomposting bin will actually work better if it is right in your kitchen. Mine sits right next to the computer I am typing on. Indoors is the only way to go if you are serious about vermicomposting and don’t live in a perfect climate (hint: no such climate in North America). We live in a one-bedroom apartment. We have room for two bins!
  4. You are lame: Did I mention you will not miss a second of Dancing with the Stars?

Ok, now we have that out of the way. How do we get started?

Step One:

Click on the Shop tab. If you are reading this, it is right up top on the right-hand side. Order a vermicomposting bin (found in the Gardening Equipment section). I recommend the Worm Factory. If you feel the need, the Worm Factory 360 is a little fancier. Go for it, you deserve it.

Why am I telling you to buy something? Simple. Review excuses one through four. This leaps over them in a single bound. We will cover building your own bin in a future post but the reality is 99% of the folks reading this will not build their own bin. I know this for a fact. I have talked to literary hundreds of folks who want to get started vermicomposting. Ninety percent want to buy a bin. Nine percent claim they will build a bin, but never do (review excuses one through four). One percent will build a bin. This particular post is for the 99% percent who need it. If you are in the minority and are not lying to yourself, then wait for the future post on building your own bin.vermicomposting bin

Why buy your bin from Backyard Ecosystem? Simple,  your purchases in the shop go to support this resource on the web. Ever notice we have no google ads? No affiliate links? No dancing babies? This resource exists because of you. The sole method of support is that little tab up there. We would like to keep it that way. Your choice.

Step Two:

Get worms. You can find them online, your local garden shop, or bait shop. Your best bet is via Craigslist or a friend who has an operating bin. Ideally, you want worms and castings from a mature bin. Review this post before you buy.

Step Three:

Assemble your vermicomposting bin. Part II will cover this in detail with tons of photos. The bin will have step by step instructions and everything you need to get started except worms. In Part II, we will also include some special tips to get the bin going right away.

Step Four:

Divert roughly a third of your waste stream out of the landfill before it leaves your house. How cool is that?




3 Comments on “Simple and Easy Vermicomposting Part I

  1. Its a wonder that these kind of worms form part of nature and eventually turn into a natural organic composting machine to help the world’s soil.

  2. Hi, I was going to look at the vermicomposting bins but when I clicked on the shop tab, it went to a page but no information came up, has it been removed?

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