Pick a Peck of Purple Peppers

Seeded Buran Pepper

These are my favourite pepper right now.

The original seeds were from Seeds of Change. I started all the seeds we had because they were several years old. They all came up so I gave several to my Dad when my folks were visiting. He planted one in a Mexican clay pot (purchased in Mexico 34 years ago) that had never put anything in. He got peppers and seeds from that plant.

Meanwhile back in Denver mine all died because I left them outside and it snowed on them.

So he gave me seeds and I planted them. I now have two peppers that are 3 years old (this is their 4th summer) and three that are 2 years old in pots that I put out in the summer and bring indoors for the winter.

The peppers are about the size of the first joint of your index finger. They are purple when unripe and turn red when ripe. Flowers are purple but one of my plants is a sport that has white flowers with a touch of purple. The peppers are very hot, with a very bright taste that builds for several minutes as you eat them. I cut them in quarters to eat them even though I chew up whole habanero peppers. I am not trying to say that they are hotter than a habanero, just that they seem that way in your mouth because of how bright the heat is. Roasted on the grill they are a good addition to salsa because a few will round out the high end without overwhelming it.

I was just reading the package which was packed for 2002: Striking tall plant is completely purple, foliage and all, with deep purple fruits that turn red when mature. Produces stubby upright fruits that are mildly hot. A beautiful ornamental that can be grown indoors as a house plant.

I don’t know where they get the mildly hot from. See my above commentary. Maybe all my plants are sports.

I give peppers and seeds to anyone who is interested, this is a very obscure pepper that deserves a wider following.

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