Updated! Bloody Mary w/ Hot Pepper Infusion

Bloody Mary


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Bloody Mary w/ Hot Pepper Infused Vodka

A unique take on a classic drink. You won't be sorry, but make sure your calendar is clear for the rest of the day.

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The Bloody Mary is my favourite drink, I have dinner parties where all the guests bring ingredients and we taste test them all.

Time tends to simplify.  This is my current recipe. You can check out the 10+ year old version here and the brand new spicy southwestern influenced take I call the Bloody Mariah here.

Start with a 16 oz Glass.

Pour in 1/4 Glass Deep Eddy vodka infused with Chilli Negros and Serrano Peppers. (Infusion recipe soon! Really, I mean it.)

Use a micro plane to grate a bit of fresh horseradish directly into the vodka.

Add ice to fill the glass.

Add Sriracha and Tamari Soy Sauce to taste.

Use Trader Joes Vegetable Medley to finish filling glass. (I also like to use canned and fresh tomato juice leftover from canning tomatoes. Simply can the extra juice just like you do the tomatoes.)

Stir 3 times.

Garnish with lemon. lime, or both.


I still might put in some of the other ingredients from the old recipe for a change of pace.

Use hot pepper infused tequila instead of vodka to make a Bloody Maria.

I might also add anything with a strong umami flavour to a test version.


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