The Bloody Mariah

Bloody Mary


The Bloody Mariah

A spicy southwestern take on the traditional Bloody Mary or Maria.

Servings 1

What could be better than a Bloody Mary made with amazing hot pepper infused vodka?

Hot pepper infused Tequila used…

wait for it…

I see you shiver with antici…




to make a Bloody Mariah!

Recently at my local brunch spot my cut rate therapist (Some folks call them bartenders, but I call them what they really are) mispoured the base liquor and was about to dump it out.

Being who I am, I immediately said “Wait 30 seconds and let me think!” The following recipe is the glorious result.


You need (add in this order)

16 oz glass (I hope it was obvious to you that this needed to be first).

3oz hot pepper infused tequila   (Separate post on hot pepper infusions using dried/smoked peppers is already in the hopper awaiting approval from the oversight committee)

juice of 1/8  lime 

6oz of your favourite Bloody Mary  mix.**

Ice to fill.

2 tsp tajine mix Tajine is a bartender standard usually seen on the rim of a bloody mary in a nice restaurant (just put it right into the top of the drink instead of on the rim).

Garnish with a lemon, lime or both.

Inhale, sip, repeat.

The result:

A taste bud shag dancing, show stopping, burst of umami goodness coating your pallet, and making it all better on Sunday morning (or any morning when you don’t need to get things done).

Be warned, it is super easy for just one to become, just two, three…

B.E. is not responsible for your lack of self control. Our rabid legal team assure us that this is true under any imaginable combination of circumstances and some that no sane person should ever attempt to imagine. The Horror! The Horror!***



*Gratuitous Rocky Horror Picture Show reference.

**Or better yet, Sangrita! (Recipe to follow) (Sangrita translates as ‘little blood’ and is often sipped alternately with mescal or tequila. Use this half and half with your favorite bloody mary mix. The finished drink will be too sweet if you use only the sangrita.

***Apocalypse Now reference via the original source material Heart of Darkness with a little Lovecraft sprinkled on top. We are pretty sure no lawyers were harmed, but it is hard to say about these things. The lawyers are rabid after all.




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