• Where would backwards beekeeping be without Kirk Anderson, aka Kirkobeeo, I’m really not sure. I think he’s removed bees from every conceivable place and created a huge, loyal following in the process. A must is his blog and listening to his audios.
  • Another great Backwards Beekeeper is Dennis Murriel. Check out his blog at Bee Natural
  • Information is power! Want more info on backwards beekeeping? You should look at Bush Bees


  • Denver Urban Gardens has a great cheat sheet for deciphering what are greens and browns for a healthy pile. Check it out here.
  • Our favorite downloadable guide to Vermicomposting from Denver Urban Gardens, in English and Spanish!


Living Green

  • A fabulous source for urbanites trying to do it all is Root Simple (formerly known as Homegrown Evolution). With one book, soon to be two, under their belts, you can get the day to day happenings on their blog.
  • The beauty of Ramshackle Solid is how they do more with less. If that’s your thing, it’s a definite read!
  • Serious about saving the planet? These people are really serious and move a global population to prove their point. Be one of them at
  • Food Renegade