Worm Factory DS5BT 5-Tray Worm Composting Bin

  • The Worm Factory’s standard 5-Tray size is expandable up to 7 trays, allowing you to produce as much worm castings as you may need. When full, each tray weighs only 12.5 pounds making lifting and arranging trays effortless.
  • The Worm Factory is odor free, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. How would it feel to have year-round worm casting production without ever having to leave the comfort of your home?
  • Bonus “What Can Red Wigglers Eat?” infographic refrigerator magnet (6″ by 9″) allows you to quickly determine which foods are perfect for your worms, and which you should avoid. Forget if it’s okay to dump French fries in your worm bin? Simply check the magnet! Potatoes are fine in moderation, but fried foods are off-limits. Imagine the peace of mind you will feel knowing that your worms are always eating a healthy diet!
  • Digital 38-page instruction manual offers a convenient step-by-step guide to managing your Worm Factory.
  • Built in “worm tea” collector tray and spigot for easy draining.

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The Worm Factory uses worms to recycle kitchen scraps, paper waste, and cardboard into nutrient-rich compost and is more efficient than a traditional backyard compost pile. Worm compost has been shown to have ten times the nutrients of traditionally produced compost.

The Worm Factory is simple to set up and operate. It takes less than 15 minutes a week! To get started, add a handful of worms and your compostable waste to the bottom tray. The worms will start processing the food. Once the bottom tray is filled add another tray. The worms migrate upward to the newest food source leaving the bottom tray full of nutrient-rich compost. You can do this year-round inside or out, and harvest compost up to once a month! The finished compost can be used in your garden, your raised beds, or on houseplants. This kit includes a bonus “What Can Red Wigglers Eat?” infographic magnet that you can stick on your refrigerator for a handy reference. Imagine this:

You just finished your breakfast and you look at your plate, puzzled. Is it okay to feed scraps from your omelette to your worms? You don’t remember.

You want to feed your worms a healthy diet, but you don’t have time to go check if an omelette would suffice. You have to get to work, after all!

This is where the “What Can Red Wigglers Eat?” Infographic Refrigerator Magnet comes in to save the day! It is a fast and easy way to learn that your worms would love the veggies from your omelette, but eggs are a no-go in a worm bin.

This 6″ x 9″ magnet splits common food items into 3 categories: perfect worm foods, foods to feed in moderation, and foods to avoid feeding altogether.

This magnet helps to make worm composting feel like second nature. Imagine the peace of mind you will feel knowing that your worms are always eating a healthy diet. You will never be confused about feeding your worms again, and you can rest assured that your worms will thrive!