Submission Guidelines

These are the B.E. submission guidelines. Please review before submitting for publication.

1a) Turn in articles that are completely ready for publication in a google doc.

1b) Other formats will be rejected automatically by the review board.

1c) Submit to Black Hole @ Backyard Ecosystem . com

1d) Clearly, we only want to receive email from thinking humans and A.I. so clever they can outthink humans. Spammers can go fuck themselves.

1e) Spelling errors, poor punctuation, and random changes of verb tense will also cause the post to be rejected automatically by the review board.

2a) Send sample photos that are your own original work (not stock photographs) that might be used to accompany the post. Photos that have been filtered or photoshopped in any way will be rejected automatically by the editorial team at B.E. as unsuitable for viewing by anyone, anywhere, anytime, ever. #nofuckingfilter

2b) If you want to see some examples of our own work go to the B.E. Instagram or the B.E. facebook page.

2c) The only allowable modification to photos is cropping.

2d) #nofuckingfilter #cropandbedone and #fuckthephotoshoppers are commonly inserted by the editorial team.

2e) If you feel you need to make modifications, the real answer is you need to become a better photographer before submitting to B.E. #nofuckingamateures

2f) Our amazing and multitalented Webmistress and her Minions and Lackeys can handle the cropping as they format the article into the website.

2g) In a completely unrelated note there are several openings for Minions and Lackeys for those with the appropriate skill set. Mixologists, Baristas, Good* Salespersons, Convicts, Hackers**, and Former Porn Stars*** have the needed skill sets.****

2h) *Good does not equal sleazy you fucking morons. **We employ the best to counter the worse. ***Nudity is not a requirement for any available position, but a comfort with it is a big plus. ****We are a body-positive, sex-positive, feminist, and mad as fuck at The Man (or The Woman) workplace.

2i) It may be apparent that we are really good at troll extermination. With much practice comes great skill, and with great skill comes great powers to do good or evil, we use our powers responsibly and for evil simultaneously, just sign here on the dotted line in blood.

2j) Someday you will be able to snatch the mouse from our hand and then you will be ready to leave the temple grasshopper.

2k) Include the full original file for any photographs in the google doc with the post.

2l) Label the photos carefully so that we know what we are looking at in the google doc.

2m) If you aren’t sure what the photo is, perhaps you need to become a better photographer before submitting anything to B.E.

3a) The Contributing Editor and Founder at BE is very direct and to the point. If you are easily offended or fail to provide information that he requests we will send Minions and Lackeys with the appropriate skill sets to break your kneecaps and flash their tits.

3b) He was raised by his mother to be unfailingly polite, especially to women. His education was continued by the theatre, english, kinesiology, mathematics, and architectural programs in High School(s) and at University(s).

3c) In spite of this he eventually graduated with appropriate pieces of paper from many of those institutions. Demanding to see them will result in you being visited by lackeys and minions with the appropriate skill sets who will flash their kneecaps and break your tits.

3d) Speaking of tits, those programs raised him to have a completely foul mouth, and this was exacerbated by his being a sailor.

3dd) He swears in his posts, makes fun of stupid people, and makes wry and dry and sometimes super subtle dirtly little jokes that slide right by those who fail to pay attention, behave like trolls, and/or who are wilfully ignorant. #donkeyhole

3ddd) So should you. Having a nice set of tits, a well shaped ass, or being well hung won’t hurt your chances either. #unfairadvantage

3g) He tends to refer to these groups as oxygen thieves. Please do not behave like one on our website. Don’t behave like a donkeyhole either. #donkeyhole

4g) We have really fast WiFi for our employees. Because it shows we care about their sex life. #blazingdownloadspeeds

5g) We got so exited by that last one we had to upgrade again. #ithinkwearealonenow

6g) This is a placeholder for next week when the new iPad Pro comes out. A wide screen and it supports multiple applications running simultaneously. #catphotosandpornandstreamingmoviesandvidieogamesatthesametime

6h) Not much work can be expected from us for a while after that. #hungoverandsoreinunmentionableplaces

7a) We burned up our working capital stocking the bar for the mixologist duel. Shit we are still hung over from that! It would be nice if you bought the iPad Pro for us so we can use it and write a lovely article about it.

7b) We like making rules for others to follow, which we am guessing you picked up on if you read this far.

7c) Take them (the rules) seriously. #youconformisttwat

7d) We do. #sarcasm

7dd) Especially when printed on a tight t-shirt.

7ddd) Worn over a nice chest (male or female, trust me, someone here will like it, some will like them both, some will like them both a lot at the same time.

7g) “If you had a million dollars what would you do?” “Besides two chicks at the same time?” “Well yeah” “I would do nothing” #officespace #twochicksatthesametime #oroneofeach #orwhateverworksforyou

7h) Welcome to the new B.E. We are glad to have you here.

7i) Play nice or we will burn you to the ground. Then our rabid attack dog legal team will send you the bill for it. #assholetax #donkeyhole #weareprettysurelegalisnotactuallyrabid #butwehaveourshotsjustincase

#kneecapsandtitsnotnecessarilyinthatorder #wearebroken #nofuckingfilter #fucktheman #orthewoman #enviromentisdestiny #takecareofityoufuckingmorons #theonlyissuethatreallymattersistheplanet #everythingelseisadistraction #enviromental #exxonvaldez #bpmacando #itislikethiscountryiscursed #likemabeitwasbuiltonasacredindianburialgroundorsomething #bodypositive #feminist #sexpositive #lgbtqfriendly #safespace #nonstandardrelationshipfriendly #judgementfree #mentalabouttheenviroment #helpingputthementalinenviromental #peoplecareaboutwhattheylove #thereisenough #notazerosumgame

-Master and Commander