Q&A with a Natural Beekeeper: How does natural comb impact production of honey?

Kevin, thank you for your wonderful website! I have just ordered 5 packages of bees I will pick up in the spring from a beekeeping operation in my state. I am working with another local beekeeper who keeps 15 hives on my farm because…

Q&A with a Natural Beekeeper for the New Beekeeper

Worker bee on freshly filled cells of honey

I am new to beekeeping. A local bee guy set me up with bees and a queen in a Langstroth box at the beginning of May. The bees are very active and 7 of the 10 frames are loaded with eggs and larva as…

Happy Honeybees, Happy Beekeeper

Happy honeybees

Hive management is an art, not a science. There are some basic principals I try to follow in an attempt to make hive management a more predictable and consistent art. First off, if you are in doubt, do nothing. You can’t make the bees…

Foundationless Beekeeping: How to convert to natural beekeeping! Part II

Natural comb

The continuing process for changing over to foundationless hives is very simple.  Keep adding new frames to the center of the bottom box two at a time. When you add a new pair, move a pair of old contaminated foundation based frames up to the second box….

So exactly what is natural comb anyway?

Old Comb

What is natural comb? What is foundation? What do you mean by foundationless? It is apparent there is a lot of confusion out there surrounding this. I think this post will make things crystal clear! Most chemically managed hives are full of nasty old comb…

Backwards Beekeeping: You can’t pretend to be natural, it will end in tears.

From Gerald in Cullowhee, NC: So–I am now an organic beekeeper. But am cheating a bit–we have no other bees that we know of within a couple miles so no chance of catching something from other hives. Hi Gerald, Glad to hear you are…

Natural Comb / Small Cell Transition

I wanted to closely document the transition to small cell to help others with the process, both backyard and commercial-scale beekeepers. If you are not aware bees raised on natural comb have a good track record of surviving without any chemicals in managed hives….