Slow-Carb Pasta Substitute Recipe


For those on low-carb or slow-carb diets, and when have lots of nice summer squash fresh from the garden here is our recipe for using any kind of summer squash as a pasta substitute. You can use this the way you would use any short…

Giblet Gravy Our Way

Cook gizzard, heart and neck with ghee in a skillet till brown*. Add in chicken stock (and maybe a little reduced vermouth) and cook for 30 minutes or until at least half the stock is gone. Reserve stock and chop the browned organs and…

The Real Margarita- we suffer so you don’t have to™

The Real Margarita

The Real Thing 2 parts reposado tequila 1 part Cointreau 1/2  part fresh-squeezed lime juice stir gently, add ice “Skinny” Margarita 2 parts reposado tequila 1 part Cointreau 1/2 part fresh-squeezed lime juice stir gently,  add ice add sparkling water till volume is doubled…

The Best Burger You Have Ever Tasted

The Best Burger You Have Ever Tasted

Ingredients 1 pound ground 85% grass-fed beef 1 pound ground organic pork 1-2 Tablespoons Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce 1-2 Tablespoons Lea & Perrins Thick Worcestershire Sauce Grill Mates Montreal Steak Seasoning (we use the lower salt version) or  Savory Spice Shop Hudson Bay Beef…

Hot Bourbon Coffee, Our Traditional Holiday Drink

Hot Bourbon Coffee

Smooth and Sensuous, what could be better together than Bourbon and Coffee? Bourbon and Coffee, with Whipping Cream, is better of course! Here follows the super sekret recipe. It shows you exactly what we are going to do with that tasty combo when the…

Kick Ass Ribs!

Kickass Ribs Recipe

What could be better on a lazy fall weekend than ribs from the smoker? Below I share with you how to make ribs so good you may never darken the door of your local BBQ joint again. I have an upright electric smoker with…

And the horse you rode in on… Fresh Horseradish & Bloody Mary Recipe


I am dying to harvest this horseradish. I cannot wait to make a Bloody Mary with my own homegrown freshly grated horseradish. It is a long time till the first frost, but everyone needs a goal in life. My current personal recipe is here….