Cast Iron, the Trendy New Nonstick

Cast Iron Skillets

I have a confession to make. I have five cast iron skillets in my kitchen. At least one of them belonged to my grandmother and one or two more to my mother. I use at least one of them almost every time I cook….

Change the world, start right now.

A single cell, at least two miles long, of a landfill near Denver, CO.

Why do you write about green topics? A Manifesto (consider yourself warned) I write about the things that bother me. Specifically about unnecessary waste and how simple changes in the way you go about living can reduce or eliminate waste or better yet transform…

Kombucha, the new Moonshine?

It looks dangerous, doesn't it?

Kombucha with active ingredients may be an endangered species in grocery stores due to the active fermentation and slight alcohol content. Homegrown kombucha is more popular than ever. If you are not familiar with Kombucha and the continuous brew process read these posts first….

Compost 911: What are the right worms for vermicomposting success?

Earthworms for vermicomposting

Compost myth: I can just dig up some worms for my vermicomposting bin right? Compost Answer: No. The worms in your yard or garden are earthworms. You cannot just dig up some worms from the soil outside for your worm bin unless you live…

Bees and Shrimp are in the same boat (and it is sinking)

Here is another reason to keep your bees in town. Dennis Murrell of BeeNatural talks about being Malathioned. I remember our bees getting overspray from soybeans planted across the road when I was growing up and the resulting pile of dead bees in front…