Starting Over or Getting Started Right as a Natural Beekeeper


It is heart-wrenching to lose a hive. The silence of your backyard when the bees are gone makes you want to cry. But you can also look at it as an opportunity for a fresh start. If you are just getting started it is…

The Best Hive for the Backyard Beekeeper

Two hives

The options are many: Langstroth, Warre, Top Bar, Long Hives. The impassioned reasoning to favor one or the other is endless. For someone trying to get started, it has to be overwhelming. I am going to make some very specific¬†recommendations¬†for your first hive and…

Bees and Shrimp are in the same boat (and it is sinking)

Here is another reason to keep your bees in town. Dennis Murrell of BeeNatural talks about being Malathioned. I remember our bees getting overspray from soybeans planted across the road when I was growing up and the resulting pile of dead bees in front…

Urban bees eat better than their country cousins

This is a great article from the BBC on the better diet that bees in urban and suburban beehives have access to. It talks about research into my long-held suspicion that bees, like humans, love the variety that urban life has to offer.